30+ progessive years of experience in the fashion industry.  Graduate of the famed Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), in Los Angeles. Ava completed post secondary studies with the Los Angeles American College for the Applied Arts (1979 to 1983). Further enhanced her designing and merchandising skills through travel, building a solid bi-coastal fashion resume.

In the 1980's, Ava acquired various designing and merchandising positions supporting fashion retail giants, such as Joseph Magnins and Bullocks of California. Additionally, she landed positions as a patternmaker for various californian fashion houses. To include, but not limited to Bay Area pioneers such as Jeanne Marc, Eber of San Francisco and Karen Alexander. However, it was Audrey Smaltz and her NYC Ground Crew, who instilled the importance of backstage management; during a chance meet, working at New York Fashion Week, in 1986.

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The encounter was indeed a dream come true, working backstage in NYC, for the legendary Audrey Smaltz. Ava utilized her skills as designer, patternmaker, dresser and coordinator to aide Fashion Week Designers.  The experience left an imprint, thus fueling the burining desire to re-emerge in the field of Fashion Production.

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